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My review about megaupload

I’ll start of by saying some nice things about this program:

– It isn’t expensive
– You get premium access to both megaupload and megavideo
– Easy to use
– Instant access after payment
– Reward program


The first thing you notice about is the looks, it has a sleek look yet is easy to use. Though sadly enough not bug free, there’s a lot of flash animations that after sometime will get on your nerves.

As you can see there’s a lot of buttons there, they might be unclear, but don’t worry if you mouse over them you’ll be able to see what they do in the grey area above the buttons. Now you might have noticed all the labels with the “Block” on them, that’s an firefox addon to block, you’ve guessed it flash!

Looks: 8 out of 10


For a lot of people a website needs to look trustworthy, and in my opinion this website looks trustworthy, and it is! It gives you that feeling of safety, your money goes into a premium account, and they deliver you what they promise! Though because of all the flash animations etcetera you get the feeling the website was just meant to look pretty.

Feel: 7 out of 10


Now I first said that it was cheap, but if you look at the prices it looks expensive,

megaupload pricing

Pricing: 7 out of 10

Reward system:

so why did I tell you it isn’t expensive? Because of their rewards program! It’s easier to get 10.000 reward points than you think! 10.000 rewards points equals 10.000 downloads, however if you use their megaupload toolbar to upload your files you’ll get double the rewards points so that’s only 5.000 downloads. This might still seem like a lot to you, but if you offer something people want to download or watch as you get reward points for videos you have uploaded to and that have been watched as well. A good way to get enough downloads/views is by simply uploading a video to megavideo and offer a megaupload link for the high quality version!

This all seems great, and I’ve been able to get over 100.000 downloads like this with ease, however something bugged in their system and my reward points are stuck on 37.000 (read more about this in the support section coming up next), that said the idea of the rewards system is great, as the rewards system gives you this:

megupload rewards

Wait, I can actually EARN money?! Yes you can! If you get enough views/downloads you’ll get $10.000, now isn’t that GREAT?! It sure is, only problem is that it’ll take a while, and you’ll have to spend quite some time making your videos/downloads popular. Post them on sites where people will want to download your files! However, be sure to only offer legal downloads, as pirated content gets you banned!

Rewards system: 9 out of 10


Ok, they give you the feeling that their support is great. When you enter your support ticket they say they’ll get back to you in 24 hours, however they NEVER do, they do however fix things you ask about and leave you without a reply.. (So you’llĀ  have to actually notice the change) For me they fixed the download counter, but not the reward points counter, which I’ve contacted them about.. I think it’s been 7 times now. So for the support system I can’t help but give them a low rating, though not a 1 because they have fixed something..

Here’s how the support system goes:

megaupload support1

megaupload support2

megaupload support3

Support: 2 out of 10


Perhaps this is the most important aspect for most of you, is their download speed alright? Well it’s “alright” but it could be way better, I’m used to download speeds, which in my case is full download speed. My home connection downloads with 1.2mb/s (roughly 1.200 kb a second), and at my university I tried it as was able to get up to 3mb a second. So how does megaupload fare on that department? I’ve often seen my downloads drop to less than a 100kb/s and even seen it drop to 50kb/s for a few minutes which is really bad if you offer a premium service. So what was the highest I was able to get? The highest download speed I got from them was roughly 500kb/s topping to about 550 kb/s and dropping to the 300+ kb/s. This could and should be way better!

Speed: 5 out of 10

– Looks good
– Feels good
– Reward system
– Both for megaupload and megavideo
– Paypal and moneybookers (popular payment systems)

– Bad support system
– Speed isn’t max
– They over only paypal and moneybookers payment methods

Verdict: 6.3 out of 10

The system is OK, and I will continue to use it, despite not being comlpetely satisfied. I recommend it to anyone who requires faster downloads without limit

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